Cooking has always been very intimidating for me. At first glance it seems so easy: “Oh you just mix things together and wah-la!”

But then I realized that somethings should NOT be mixed together and that whoever tells me: ”Oh it’s so easy, just put a pinch of this..blah blah blah…” has been cooking for so long it’s become instinctual and they cannot possibly understand what it’s like to need lengthy instructions for the simplest of tasks (boiling water). i’m not THAT bad. But pretty close to there. If it were up to me, I would avoid entering a kitchen at all costs, but a semester abroad in Hong Kong has increased my appreciation of home cooked food. So now I have committed myself to learning how to cook, threats of fire and food poisoning be damned!

It’s easy to say that i’m committed…but to actually act on it is difficult. I need a motivating force. Which is why I decided to start this blog. I’ll start off learning things I can’t find at home so that I’m forced to make it myself. Which is where the red bean comes in.

Red Bean. is. Life. Period. In Hong Kong, dessert was the safest meal for someone with my dietary restrictions. And with every dessert I always got something with Red Bean. I tried to diversify and get a taste for all the local flavors, but always ended up ordering a side of red beans after 30 minutes of indecision.

In the States, Red Bean desserts are near impossible to find (at least in my area) so my goal is to add red bean to everything I make to force my self to learn how to cook.

So join me as I red bean my life. All i can guarantee you is chaos 😛


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